Webinars On Demand: Pioneering an Approach to Integrated Continuous Bio-manufacturing & Polishing with MCSGP

Any time (on-demand) viewing of two recent webinars on hot topics!

Presented by Prof. Massimo Morbidelli of ETH Zurich, these informative Webinars oultine a proven approach and data on key technologies for implementing downstream continuous processing.  

Links for On Demand webinars:

1) Pioneering an Approach to Integrated Continuous Bio-manufacturing - a comprehensive upstream to downstream layout of continuous processing for biomanufacturing. This 45 minute presentation provides unique insights into quality improvements, technologies and managing control of interconnected unit operations. Data from GMP scale continuous capture chromatography is presented from 2 end user processes is presented.

https://event.on24.com/Pioneer Integrated Continuous Bio-manufacturing

2) Polishing Step - Continuous Chromatography Using MCSGP - this presentation is a deeper dive into the polishing step in a continuous manufacturing suite that was treated lightly in the 1st webinar noted above. Using ChromaCon's patented MCSGP this seminar will provide a novel approach and data from processing large molecules continuously in the polishing steps.

https://event.on24.com/The Polishing Step - Continuous MCSGP

Cost: no charge

These webinars were sponsored by Repligen, LEWA with special support by ETH Zurich and ChromaCon AG.