Chromatography - LPLC

Leveraging our 30 years supplying over 10,000 pumps to leading chromatography system suppliers and users and experince from cutting edge custom LPLC process scale systems top biopharma's across the globe have installed LEWA LPLC systems at their showcase facilities. 

New EcoPrime LPLC Series! Accuracy previously only attainable in analytical instruments. Unique on-board buffer in-line dilution option. LEWA introduces a new pre-engineered, configurable platform of advanced EcoPrime LPLC's. With gradient accuracy well below +/-0.5%, yield and purity are enhanced to levels previously only attainable in analytical instruments. While others are trying modest improvements in resin, LEWA has been making enormous strides in the hardware.

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Nowhere are the demands for accuracy, manufacturing flexibility and repeatability more rigorous than in today's process chromatography.  Our experience in designing, building, and servicing state-of-the-art chromatography solutions, using the world's most celebrated pump technology has earned us a reputation for innovation among global leaders in biotechnology.  For example, our LEWA EcoPrime systems address clean room space constrictions by performing the work of up to three competitive process units using only a single LEWA process unit.

Technology is rapidly evolving and our engineers are at the leading edge of innovative hardware and processes that manages ever higher yields and more precise separation requirements.  Breakthroughs in moving from batch- to continuous-process methods promise to offer widespread benefits in both cost and safety.  Our engineers are at the forefront of today's developments, and can help you to optimize your processes while increasing quality and control.

We leverage a long history of fluid engineering and intellectual property in the advanced solutions we customize to the needs of our customers. A single system of our design often has the capacity to outperform competitive offerings by up to three to one in dynamic range, while delivering unmatched precision across the entire capacity range. And we don’t sacrifice the accuracy at any point in that range while delivering footprint savings.

With a deep understanding of fluid dynamics—and the end-to-end requirements of chromatography processes—LEWA Process Technologies can provide both, off-the-shelf products and customized solutions to help you:

  • Analytical performance at pilot and process scale!
  • Single skid systems that offer the flow range (capacity) of 2 competitive systems
  • Assure unmatched accuracy and reproducibility
  • Provide flexibility in your processing/automation control - customer adaptable software and DeltaV options
  • Unique on-board Buffer In-line Dilution options
  • Maximize the efficiency of your LPLC GMP processes
  • Reduce the footprint by up to 66%
  • Provide single-point quality and accountability through our vertically integrated supply chain and global support
  • NEW - EcoPrime Twin LPLC - twin column pilot for batch or continuous process in GMP environments

Systems crafted for lowest life cycle costs characterize our installed base of proven chromatography solutions. 

Please ask us to share our specific chromatography customer examples.

We offer systems for a variety of methods including:

  • Affinity Chromatography
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography
  • Mixed / Multimodal Chromatography
  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
  • Size exclusion, including gel filtration
  • Reversed Phase Chromatography
  • Custom high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems

NEW! 2 PCC multi-column LPLC system:

Download the EcoPrime Twin Fact Sheet here.

Multi-column (continuous batch) chromatography is a reality at LEWA. While others are only talking about it, LEWA has already shipped process scale twin column system for use in GMP environment. EcoPrime Twin LPLC is so advanced and so simple LEWA is leading the innovation trend to continuous production with at-scale systems for the production environment. We scale up on ChromaCon twin column technology (under license).

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